5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of Pinterest

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If you think those who focus on the visual content of Pinterest are only fashionistas and cuddly kitten lovers, think again. The visual media platform has become so broad in its content and appeal there is literally something for all interests.

But I don’t get it… I admit I was a doubter when I was first invited to Pinterest some months ago. In trying to build an author’s platform I focused my efforts entirely on words with a few images in my weekly blog. Then articles kept coming across my computer on the impact of Pinterest and when I took a second look, it  finally clicked. A few weeks ago I set up my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/artyyah/. Now I’m hooked.

 A.K.Andrew Pinterest Page

A.K.Andrew Pinterest page


Is Pinterest Coming out of Left Field for you?

Imagine you’re an avid baseball photo collector. Your baseball photo Pinterest “board” might include some photos  you have , and  “re-pins”  of other people’s photos from Pinterest. You now have your own virtual baseball photo collection to look at any time, to share with others and exchange or add images and comments. How cool is that?

English: Retired Player #8

English: Retired Player #8 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Can Pinterest work for pleasure and business ? Definitely.

If you’re a baseball photo seller, with Pinterest, you now have a brand new audience who has access to your products. Sports fans love statistics. Make then visual, make then fun.  Infographics are the hottest thing in marketing at the moment, so add  those too.  Check out my infographics “Board” for some examples. https://pinterest.com/artyyah/infographics/



OK. Lets’s get to the nitty gritty –

Five Reasons to Focus on Pinterest

 1. Visually Velocity

Hands up who loved picture books as a child?  Yep, everyone. Adults are no different. We’re naturally drawn to images. In today’s media overload, short attention span society, a picture truly does say more than a 1,000 words.

When we find an image of  something we’re interested in, it grabs our attention immediately. The Pinterest search feature is a snip.  “Pinning” is fun and interactive, and along the way we might just find something  that inspires us to do more in both the virtual and real world. Last week, through Pinterest, I discovered a site that showed me how to transfer photographic images onto wood. Not something I was looking for, but I was jazzed.

Your soul might be enriched by a beautiful image, but for business, education and non-profits, who have used visual aids for eons, they know they can capitalize on people’s intake of information being more easily reached by an image than a few dry paragraphs. Think infographics.

2. Fastest Growing New Kid on The Block

By January 2012, Pinterest became one of the fastest growing websites around, hitting 11.7M unique visitors. Those kind of numbers can’t be ignored by anyone who is trying to get a message, product, thought or vision out there.  A recent study from Shareaholic shows that Pinterest now drives more referral traffic than Google+, Linkedin, and YouTube  combined! Why has it been so successful so quickly? Because of it’s broad appeal in both subject matter and its delivery of information. Visual is key.

Pinterest featue in Metro - 27th February 2012

Pinterest featue in Metro – 27th February 2012 (Photo credit: Great British Chefs)


3. Flexible Imaging –  “Do do …that Voodoo… that You Do So Well…”

Pinterest lends itself to just about anything you want to say, sell, show or share. It’s as effective for an individual wanting to share  photo’s of their Patagonian trip, as it is for a health organization to convey the benefits of walking. Businesses have been using advertising since bartering went out of style, and as we all know first hand, image is key in selling products.

B2B is a fast growing aspect of Pinterest with businesses varying from Manufacturing, to Healthcare, Technology and Software , many of whom use infographics as well as strong visual content.

Want to show the actual product? – go ahead. Want to show how your web-design business will benefit a client? – how better than to show that client how creative you are with your boards. With Pinterest, you  have virtually unlimited space to show yourself off.

Individuals have a myriad of reasons for pinning. For those trying to build a name or brand, what better way for your clients or readers to learn a little more about you, and what you’re interested in personally. People like to know who they’re dealing with.

There are literally millions of new “pins” a week, and “pinners” are having fun. It’s the interactive nature combined with the visual appeal that makes it so successful for both personal and business use. It’s ability as a powerful social media is already established.

 4. Being Sociable with Link Love. 

Each time an image is “re-pinned”, it always links back to the original post, so the interchange of information in terms of people’s website’s is phenomenal. People love link love. It makes one feel good to have an image “liked” or “re-pinned”, or even better being “followed”. People often reciprocate and/or go to your main site. Like bloggers, I’ve found “pinners” to be a friendly bunch. These are people that may never have come across you  any other way.

5. Creative  Curiosity

Whatever your interest, Pinterest helps you think of things in a different way, encouraging you to be creative. How shall I group my images? What shall I call my boards? They can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. Just  express yourself  with the wealth of images easily reached through their search feature for you to play with. I look at what other people do and sometimes think WOW, that’s a great idea – in short Pinterest can be inspiring. Another writer, Priscilla Warner, http://pinterest.com/priscillawarner/my-dream-writing-studios/, has a board called ‘My Dream Writing Studio’s’, which vary from tree houses to a tropical paradise. She heads her board saying ”My Office is my Bed. But I would happily bring my laptop to any of these places…”   I can relate.

Go ahead – explore. Allow yourself to dream.

Pinterest is still by invite only. You can request one directly from Pinterest, but feel free to contact me if you’d like an invite.

If you’re already on Pinterest,  what do you enjoy about it & how do you feel it’s benefited you ? (Do include your Pinterest URL if you’d like people to check out your page.) If you’re not on Pinterest, what is stopping you ? I’ve heard people mention time, but your page can be grown as slowly as you want. What else is stopping you?

I’d love to hear your comments, so come join the discussion.


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  1. Good points AK.

    Personally left Pinterest after I found out that members are personally responsible for any libel resulting from a photograph they have pinned if a photographer decides to sue. Most likely it would be lucrative for a photographer to start a class action law suit against say 100, or more, members of Pinterest.

    Since I was getting next to no traffic from Pinterest and its main users are young Americans I decided it was not worth taking the risk of getting sued by a photographer.
    Catarina recently posted..How do you network on social media?My Profile

    • Thanks so much for your comment Catarina. One definitely needs to be diligent about giving credit where credit is due, that’s for sure. I’ve found that sites that don’t want images pinned, block them & just don’t allow you to pin them. With any images on Pinterest I think it’s more likely that someone would ask you to remove the image before any other steps were taken, especially as Pinterest is not a monetized site. And there are 11M people using it.
      If you weren’t getting any response then it’s hard to justify the effort. I’m not sure how long ago you were using it either – certainly the big leap in numbers seems to have been In the last year & most of the people I follow are not young Americans. But people need different tools for different purposes. Clearly Pinterest wasn’t for you.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  2. Hi A.K.

    I absolutely LOVE Pinterest because I am a highly visual person. I am inspired, entertained and encouraged by the beautiful images and lovely sayings that people post. I’ve really enjoyed creating my boards and love seeing what other people are pinning. I believe that it’s via Pinterest that I discovered you are an artist as well as a writer. Very cool!
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..why the creative community needs ToastmastersMy Profile

    • Well that’s so refreshing to hear Doreen. Perhaps it’s more appealing being visually oriented ,as we both clearly are, but I really do find some inspiring things there myself. I really enjoyed creating my boards too, & have several more I’d like to add as time goes on. Thanks for the comment & as always good to see you here! 🙂
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  3. I’m sure I’m missing out, but I’ve taken a perverse pleasure to this point in totally avoiding Pinterest. I think I know I’d get hooked and lost within it like some kind of drug addict >.<
    @bluenotebacker recently posted..RememberingMy Profile

    • I know what you mean, and to be honest that was a one reason I avoided it for a while. But now I find I can enjoy it without it being a constant thing. Facebook can be much more time consuming. Computer online time def. has to be metered out otherwise there’s no time for creativity. Thanks so much for your comment, and stopping by. 🙂
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  4. I really enjoy Pinterest! I’ve been on for quite a while, but to be honest, I have yet to focus on how to monetize my time. I’d like to find easy ways to create infographics and even simple graphics with text in front. Do you have any ideas?
    wendy merron recently posted..I Had A Fear Of Speaking In PublicMy Profile

    • I love Pinterest personally and can get lost in it for hours. I am not sure as a blogger how this can showcase my blog…..maybe you could shed some light on that???
      Becc recently posted..R U OK?My Profile

      • Hi Becc – glad you are enjoying Pinterest too. In terms of it shedding light on your blog, I would suggest that at least some of your boards are directly related to what your blog focuses on. In my case for example, as an author, I have boards which are ‘Judging a Book by it’s Cover’, ‘Words are True in Fact and Fiction’ . I also have a board for New York where my latest novel is set, and will also have one soon for Italy where my first novel is set.
        I think if people are interested in your boards, they are likely to check out your site which, presumably you have included in your personal profile, and people can click on at the top of the page.
        So I think keep it relevant, but also branch out , because a) you want to enjoy your Pinterest page & b) as I said, the more people are interested in you and your page they will follow you to your blog.
        Lets hope the theory works!! According to all the articles I’ve read it does. Check out a couple of the links at the bottom of the post.
        FYI – to Becc & Wendy – this will look as if it is replying to both of you. Thanks again:-)
        A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

    • Hi Wendy – Thanks so much for your comment. In terms of creating infographics, if you want something that is not too complex, than even in Word you can combine images, text and tables fairly easily. It’s not too difficult even if you don’t know what you’re doing initially to get the hang of how to mix those together. Beyond that I would look at something like Photoshop which is quite a bit more complicated. But if you don’t have the time or inclination for either of those, then a graphic designer should be able to come up with something for you for a fairly reasonable rate especially if you do most of the ‘legwork’ -i.e. work out exactly what needs to be in the infographic in terms of content as well as how you’d like it to work.
      If it were me, I’d play around with Word first. Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  5. Thank you for taking the time to explain 🙂
    wendy merron recently posted..I Had A Fear Of Speaking In PublicMy Profile

  6. Interesting points. I love Pinterest because it allows me to get inspiration and keep it all neatly filed together for whenever I need it. Also, it’s one of the few networking sites that you can leave for a while without being missed, then just go back as and when you wish, nobody minds if you don’t update or log in regularly.
    Anne recently posted..Parenting Tips – Head lice and Linicin ReveiwMy Profile

    • I agree Anne – it’s there when you want it , but nothing is going to happen or fall apart if you need to focus on other things. That said, as with anything , the more energy you put in , the more you get out of it. But no one has endless time and we often need to shift our priorities. Thanks for your comment and stopping by the site:-)
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  7. I learned something about Pinterest through your post. I love the images and creative ideas I find and offers up from others. Being a visual person, as many of us are, makes this such a great way to save some things I find and love online. I will admit I don’t use it as affectively as I should and you have inspired me to start thinking about some creative things I could use it for.
    Susan Cooper recently posted..An Assumption, a Dog & A Rabbit: StoryMy Profile

  8. AK, your’e tempting me. But as of now, I don’t have a digital camera (not even the one on my blackberry – it conked off) and I would prefer using my own photographs to begin with. I must say PinInterest can be a good creative outlet… I like what you have done with your page..

    • Hi Lubna – good to see you here again, and thanks for the comment. I agree with you that’s it’s a good idea to have some of your own images on your Pinterest page. s you don’t have a digitl camera at the moment, perhaps you have some regular photo’s that you could have scanned into your computer, and start with those? I think starting slowly is a good idea anyway, because it gives you time to get the hang of what you want to put up there. I’m glad you like my page – thank you.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  9. I’m giving Pinterest until 90 days past my new company’s launch. Since that hasn’t happened I am not sure when that will be! I do have my personal page at http://pinterest.com/patriciamweber/

    One creative person is Joan Stewart, Publicity Hound (I love her stuff!) take a look at her recent series: http://pinterest.com/publicityhound/50-tips-for-free-publicity/

    Thanks AK.
    Patricia Weber recently posted..Twitter Users, Online Introvert, Charge Up Online ConversationsMy Profile

  10. Pinterest has been one of my more neglected areas when it comes to buidling an author’s platform, I can see its appeal. So far I’ve focused mostly on pins that come from my pictures on my blog posts, but I can definitely see the worth in pinning the work of others. The only trouble is how to find the time?!?! There’s so much potential for creating endless boards related to writing.
    Jeri recently posted..JeriWB Writes: Lost Girl Road Update #5My Profile

    • I know exactly what you mean Jeri. I chose to start with only two general ones about writing as they could be endless, and I wanted to include other things on my page. But my New York one is there too as it’s the setting for my novel in progress.
      As for time, a little often or even occasionally is better than never. Just think of it as one word at a time. I don’t know about you but when you’re starting a novel it has to be thought of a bit like that otherwise it’s an overwhelming task.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  11. I was very interested in Pinterest in the first month or so after I joined. I even wrote a post about Pinterest and small biz. After a while, however, I got busy with other matters and found Pinterest wasn’t a top priority for me.

    I find commenting is under-utilized in Pinterest, so if one wants to use it as a way connect, leaving verbal comments might be a helpful method.

    Leora recently posted..Top Five Industries to Start a New BusinessMy Profile

    • I think it really does come down to priorities in terms of how we spend our time with social media. Different things work at different times for different people. Excellent point about comments in Pinterest – I think it’s very under-used in terms of connections. You’ve jogged me into action I hope! Thanks so much for the comment & good to see you:-)
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  12. Thank you! Your post reminded me to update mine! I tend to forget it and concentrate on Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Email, website … I mean the list can be endless with not enough time in the day to manage them all! 🙂

  13. Hi A.K.
    This is a very convincing article. I have a pinterest account but I don’t use it much. I keep thinking I don’t have the time. But some of your arguments here are very tempting–especially the link love. I also never thought about how we all liked picture books as kids–pinterest is really pulling that out of us again, and why not?
    Bethany Lee recently posted..Health and Fitness Inspiration: Who Inspired You?My Profile

  14. I didn’t get pinterest at first now I mainly use it as a bookmarker. I wasn’t sure whether I should pin my own blog post because most social networks frown upon it. I do need to freshen it up a bit.

    • In terms of your own blog, my opinion is to have boards which reference it. Certainly you could include graphics which you may have included in any of your posts, and if people are interested they will go to your blog. The web address is at the top of people’s page and I certainly check out people’s websites if I find their boards interesting. Thanks for your comment & for stopping by.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  15. I too have been seeing more write-ups on Pinterest but I haven’t signed up yet. Does it seem to work better for your images versus Google image search for people finding your website? Thanks for the information!
    Jessica Johnson recently posted..Bad FICO Scores Will Damage Your Credit Report Because of These 14 Credit MistakesMy Profile

    • I think different people find me through Pinterest as it’s not just people you are already connected with. Plus it gives people an opportunity to see what else I’m interested and maybe connect on a different level.That said, I have not been v. active on G+, which I’ve been told I should be! Sorry if that’s not very conclusive. As many people have said, it’s hard to keep up with all social media, so I do what I feel works best for me & what I enjoy. Thanks for the comment Jessica .
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of PinterestMy Profile

  16. Hey, I did it–well, I increased my picture collection on Pinterest since I last commented in here. 🙂 I guess you could say I’m getting more pinteresting. Ha!
    Bethany Lee recently posted..Live Life In Color: Video Post!My Profile

  17. Wow, this paragraph is good, my younger sister is analyzing these things, so I am going to tell her.
    battle camp cheats iphone recently posted..battle camp cheats iphoneMy Profile


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