7 Blogging Essentials for the Beautiful Blog Award

Yeah! I’ve  recently been awarded two blog awards! Today I’m celebrating the Beautiful Blogger Award by talking about Blogging Basics. Thanks SO much to Bridget Whelan  for nominating me. Bridget’s creative writing class (my first), was a real catalyst for my writing career. She currently teaches Creative Writing Classes in Brighton and London. A Good Confession, her first novel, is a cracking good read and check out  her website http://bridgetwhelan.com/ Muse, News and Views – it’s packed with writing tips exercises, updates on  competitions, all peppered with a good dose of Irish anecdote and humor.

Blogging Basics for the Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award


The Beautiful Blogger Award allows you to write either 7 things about yourself or 7 things you know. Bridget wrote about 7 books that influenced her.  http://bridgetwhelan.com/2012/11/20/beautiful-blogger-thats-me-seven-things-you-didnt-know-you-wanted-to-know/

I’ve decided to write 7 blogging basics I’ve learned of the past year. A big thanks to everyone from the Bloggers Helping Bloggers Group on LinkedIn who have been so supportive, particularly Sherryl Perry who manages the blog sharing section.


7 Blogging Basics for the Beautiful Blogger Award

1. Quality Content.  Content is King. Kick-ass content. You’ve heard them both a million times. Whatever your style of writing, you need to grab the readers attention in the first couple of sentences. Once you have it, whatever your style, be creative rather than formulaic. Add some heart, and make it personal. Your readers want to now a little bit about who you are and what makes you tick. Most of all they need a reason to return. Rich content will  bring your readers back to your blog time and again, whatever the subject. Make every word count. Check out Leora Wenger‘s resource filled post on creativity.

2. Relevance. Your blog is a reflection of who you are, your brand, company or platform. Keep your content relevant for your readers.  If someone’s coming to your blog for writing tips, they don’t want to read how to change a spark plug unless it’s part of a yarn. Some bloggers have a variety of blogs under one heading. But they need to be relevant. e.g. Jeri Walker-Bickett has a great blog mix: Indie Interviews, book reviews and writing tips. They’re distinctly different posts, but all relevant to her subject matter. Treat your taste buds at Susan Cooper’s blog – different subjects with a common thread. If you’re all over the map, people won’t have a clue who you are or what you’re about.

3. Reply to Comments. Always reply to comments. If a reader’s taken the time to read your blog and make a comment,  reply to that person. Its simply good manners.

4. Write, then write again. Do you always feel inspired? No, neither do I.  Freewriting is the best way to limber up your writing muscles, whatever the purpose. Pick up a pencil or a keyboard and write non-stop for 5-10 minutes without thinking. Your subconscious will take over. At the very least you’ll end up knowing what subject you want to write about.Unless you sit down and write, nothing will ever come up on that screen.

5. Look Under the Hood.  Learn about SEO, keywords and plug-ins. Unless you have a webmaster, you need at least a basic understanding of tools that help your blog to run smoothly and increase it’s ranking. I’ve learned so much from Leora , Sherryl and Patricia in this area over the past year. There’s lots of resources out there. Learn from the best. A great website design is an important way to catch people’s eye, so make sure it’s the image you want to project. Will it make up for not having quality content? You know the answer to that one.

6. Choose your Social Media. Using social media is essential to get your work out there, but keep it simple. Choose one or two. Unless you do nothing in life but market your blog and sleep a few hours a night,  you’ll be spread yourself too thin, and your efforts will be ineffective.

7. Share the Wealth, Share the Love. The internet is all about sharing information right? So think collaboration not competition. Think Guest Posts. Bloggers need support from other bloggers as well as readers. Make connections. Share information and goodwill with your online friends and you’ll find it comes back tenfold. Mention them in your posts (be sure to give back links), reciprocate comments, share their posts on social media sites. Thanks to  Sherryl Perry I use CommentLuv for my comments which gives a link to the commentors last post. That gives them exposure on my site, and I can click on their blog to reciprocate the comment. Win-win.


Now it’s my turn to nominate the next Beautiful Bloggers. Hop on over to check out these great sites and congratulate the new nominees.

Jenny Hansen  Writer of memoir and women’s fiction and contributor to Writers In The Storm

Doreen Pendgracs Doreen’s two blogs are a delicious blend of chocolate, writing and travel.

Rolando Garcia Writer of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, romance and horror.

Patricia Weber  A Courage coach for the reluctant marketer. For introverts and extroverts alike.

Adrienne Smith  Internet, affiliate and network marketer, and resource for blogging and social media.

Tasha Turner Social Media coach and writer of Jewish Vampires!

Billy Rat Chitwood Blogger and Novelist.

 What would you add to a list of basics for blogging? Come join the discussion, and please share this post on your favorite social media.

Many Thanks!

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  1. That is awesome. Congratulations my friend. It is well deserved. Thank you so much for the shout-out. That so very nice of you. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted..Marshmallow Bunnies: RecipeMy Profile

  2. Well done and a very helpful post!
    Paul Masterson recently posted..Top 10 Tips for a Great EasterMy Profile

  3. Thanks so much Paul. Glad to be of help.
    A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Blogging Essentials for the Beautiful Blog AwardMy Profile

  4. Great post – great advice, too! Just last week I wrote a very similar post with 6 tips for when starting a blog so I guess your basics are not only for Beautiful Blogger Award – they are good for everyone who wants to run a successful blog 🙂

    Congrats on the award – I am glad I found you, thanks to LI 🙂

  5. Congrats! And great post with ‘relevant’ information. 🙂
    Geek Girl recently posted..Motivational Monday 4/1My Profile

  6. Wow, great advice! Congrats on the award too!! I am bad about replying back to comments but I am going to work on that. I was just always unsure if I should. I’m still learning so much about blogging…I just re-designed my site and it took me forever because I had to Google instructions for everything I wanted to do and watch a bunch of You Tube tutorials.
    Karen recently posted..Out With The Old, In With The New…My Profile

  7. Excellent advice on the ‘7 Essentials for The Beautiful Blog Award.’ You honor me with a nomination for this award…thank you so much.

    My very best to you.
    Billy Ray Chitwood recently posted..“An Arizona Tragedy – A Bailey Crane Mystery” (Book 1) (Take a peek)My Profile

  8. So true and I couldn’t agree with you more. Especially the share the wealth, share the love…I know I wouldn’t be where I am in my blog and business if it weren’t for the help of others!

  9. Congratulations, A. K. and thanks. Have shared your blog with my FB writer colleagues.

  10. Thanks so much for the nomination, A.K., and congrats to you for winning the award! We’ve sure got a wonderful assortment of bloggers here in the BHB group on LI. How lucky I was to have found that group, and to have found you and your blog. Cheers, my friend!
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..what I learned from crowdfundingMy Profile

  11. Congrats on the award. You have a great listing in your 7 blogging dos.
    Jon Jefferson recently posted..ObstaclesMy Profile

  12. Well deserved. I enjoy reading you and I learn a lot. I have been blogging on my website for only five months and it is a challenge. It helps to have people like you who have paved the way and pass on tips to people just getting used to this form of writing.

    • I am truly flattered by your comment Susan. I think blogging is a very particular style of writing, completely different from anything fiction related, so the past year has been a giant learning curve for me. Other people’s work is a great resource, and along the way we can all help each other. Thanks so much for your comment Susan.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Blogging Essentials for the Beautiful Blog AwardMy Profile

      • I agree about it being a particular style of writing. I think many people think blogging is easy ( of course many people think writing is easy too and these are all people not doing it!) but it is not. Challenging would be more accurate (although fun too in many ways). The biggest thing (at least for me) has been trying to figure out what type of blog writer I am and try to keep myself a little reigned in to stay within those confines. Because I have always been eclectic, both in writing and in life, this is hard. In another life I was a newspaper reporter and all my books are non-fiction but that has not made trying to learn how to blog any easier. Mainly because the type of writing I am now trying to do is not the same as the writing I have already been doing. In a way, blogging is giving me a chance to move towards that type of writing without having to write a whole book. Anyway, these tips are kick-ass and I think the most important ones are the first two, probably because they are the two I am not yet really doing the way I would like to be. Thank you again and keep on slogging, that would be blogging!
        Susan McNicoll recently posted..Writers and Self DoubtMy Profile

  13. Congrats on yet another blogging award! I certainly agree with all seven tips you’ve given 🙂 I recently starting using the Yoast SEO plug-in, and I really like how the plug-in itself is designed to teach the user about good SEO tactics.

    • Thanks Jeri! That’s great that you mention Yoast SEO plug-in. I use it too & and it always gives me a little challenge to work towards. I always think I could be doing more, but step by step eh?
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Blogging Essentials for the Beautiful Blog AwardMy Profile

      • I use a Thesis theme on a WordPress.org blog. It has some SEO prompts built in. Do you think I should still also consider using the Yoast SEO plug in?

        BTW, I think your blogging tips are very helpful. I think my blog might be a little too unfocused—perhaps an accurate reflection of the blogger 😉

        • Hi Suzanne- sorry for tardy reply-message tangled up in another & I missed it. My mistake:-(
          I also have SEO prompts with the theme I use, but i prefer to use Yoast. I would say give it a try. It’s easy enough to ‘unplug’.
          Pleased you found the blogging tips helpful. I’m not always as focused as I could be so it was great for me to do this post and hone in on what I thought were the essentials. Thanks for stopping by.
          A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Blogging Essentials for the Beautiful Blog AwardMy Profile

  14. Hi A.K.,

    Well first there is some congratulations in order. I know that anytime someone nominates me I’m so thrilled and excited about that. So you are very deserving of this award as well. I especially enjoyed your blogging basics. Ah, sometimes we need those reminders don’t we.

    I really appreciate the mention and nomination as well. What a very pleasant surprise. Thank you so much and I’ll do my best to live up to this award as well.

    Thank you again A.K. and have a very blessed week.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Impress Your Blog ReadersMy Profile

  15. I love learning from masters like you A.K. Your points #4 and #7 made me do some thinking.

    #4 I’ve tried SO many different things for write write write. My latest is, I started a new blog. LOL.

    #7 I knew I had to do more so you’ve given me a launching point. I regularly get requests from want to be a guest blogger but as you say in #1, quality is key.

    I kept reading until my eyes opened wide – WOW. I’m honored you have included me in your Beautiful Blogger nominees. (Good thing I got my hair cut today.) So do we follow the guidelines you outlined here.

    Thanks A.K. for an inspiring post.
    Patricia Weber recently posted..Wisdom from the Easter Bunny.My Profile

  16. Congrats on the blog awards! These are all great tips! I’m in need of working on #5 and #7!
    Cole recently posted..How To Get Your Kids To BehaveMy Profile

  17. This is a lovely post! Thank you for the sweet compliments and links. I’ve been busy with Passover, which just ended, so I’ve had little time to visit and blog for the past two weeks.

    You summarize some great points – I need to work on my upcoming blogging lecture, and your post provides some great material. Congrats on the award.
    Leora recently posted..Book Review: Ester and RuzyaMy Profile

  18. Congrats on your award! It’s a good feeling when folks recognize you for your accomplishments. My first time here, but, like what I’m seeing:) Keep up the awesome work.

    clara54 recently posted..Customization Made SimpleMy Profile

  19. Also liked your 7 blogging essentials!

  20. Great blog with lots of useful tips. I am constantly amazed at how helpful everyone is online and the amazing amount of information that’s available for anyone who wants it.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted..Remember Your Manners – A True StoryMy Profile

  21. Very fun and spritely post! I would add to spend some time brainstorming topics and headlines every week. That way the pump is primed. Thanks for the post!
    MD Galvin recently posted..One part Pressure, Two parts Focus, and StirMy Profile

  22. Great post. One of my favorite sayings is “Write, then write again”. I’m not sure you can ever over write. Well you can during drafts but that is what editing is for. Getting everything down on paper is the best way to sort and organize your thoughts and get to writing.
    Mary Slagel recently posted..Best Courses to Take in CollegeMy Profile

  23. Congrats on the awards! Your blog is fantastic and very deserving! Thank you so much for the wonderful tips! I’m definitely taking them to heart and will see how I can improve my blog!
    Ariana recently posted..Cranberry Carouse :: Party Palette MondayMy Profile

  24. Congratulations!
    Your seven points were spot on. I loved you comment on commenting – yes it is just good manners 🙂
    Becc recently posted..Eye Popping!My Profile


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