A.k. andrew, AKandrew.com
A.KAndrew was born in England. She eventually lived in London and during her five years there, she was involved in the alternative housing movement, the Hackney Girls Project and independent film programming. She also taught in Community Arts as a photographer and screenprinter.

She moved to California, making San Francisco her home for over twenty years. A.K. fell in love with the city for its physical beauty and expansive outlook – a place where you can be who you are, or create who you want to be. In this atmosphere of breaking boundaries and creative expression A.K.Andrew became a painter, strongly influenced by the abstract expressionists of the 1950’s – Richard Diebenkorn in particular. Ultimately, she became a writer.

A.KAndrew currently lives in Sonoma County, Northern California.


 A.K. Andrew completed a Creative Writing Certificate from University of Sussex. An excerpt from Radio Echo received a notable mention in the subsequent anthology. ”Voices from the Shore”


A.K. is currently looking  for representation.

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