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Jeri Walker-Bickett

Thanks so much to Jeri Walker-Bicket for inviting me to this Blog Hop on the Writing Process. She writes fantastic blog posts on all things writing, and has been a great source of inspiration for me as a blogger. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@JeriWB) writes short stories, creative nonfiction, and psychological suspense.The rough mining town she grew up in—with its mix of bars, churches, and whorehouses—populates her literary landscape. Food, travel, and photography also inspire her creativity.

She lives in Idaho with her wonderful husband and their demanding pets. You can connect with her at where she pursues good writing in all its forms. Please explore her titles via Amazon. She also works as a freelance editor.

Blog: JeriWB Author & Editor  Amazon Author Central:

Now it’s my turn:
1) What am I working on?

I am currently working on the final edit of my novel Under the Bed. It’s set in 1969 NYC.  Two women, a generation apart, each burdened by guilt regarding the death of a sibling, find their own lives in danger during the Vietnam era, when the older woman’s brush with McCarthyism emerges during their collaboration on her autobiography.


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2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Under the Bed  is different in that it deals with two distinct time periods as well as a two different voices. It’s not that this hasn’t been done before, but I think it manages to blend the two era’s successfully by bringing the political issues of the day into a personal context.
3) Why do I write what I do?
I love to read about countries I’ve not visited, and/or time periods that I’m unfamiliar with. Although I knew some of the repercussions the anti-communist fervor of the Vietnam and McCarthy eras had for people, I was not fully aware of the true impact. As I said above, I think a novel really comes alive when you make the issues you want to talk about personal. No-one wants a history lesson. I touched on this in my post about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writing about the Biafran war in  Half of the Yellow Sun.  I would love to accomplish what she did in that book, and while my novel is very different from hers,  I look to her for inspiration.
4) How does your writing process work?
I like to settle on a place first, and then a time period. Characters and plot come next, the latter based to some extent on my research. This was particularly true in my first novel, Radio Echo,  set in Italy during the 1940’s. I had no knowledge of what life was like for Jews in Italy during that period when I started the project, and the story evolved based on true facts, though the novel is very much a work of fiction.
I find  characters in a novel talk to me as the writing progresses. This was particularly true in Under the Bed.  I had a rough draft for a plot, but the novel is character driven, so I had to wait for the characters to get to know each other before I could see their dynamic, and ultimately their story.
I like to have word count goals for writing a first draft, and to get it down as quickly as possible. The shitty first draft    is an exciting part of the process as at that point anything and everything is possible. Once I have the first draft down, the editing can begin which in truth is the real work. All writing is rewriting, and fortunately I enjoy the editing process as well as the initial buzz of the first draft. If you don’t enjoy the process, then why bother? Life’s too short, and novels are way too long to not love what you’re doing.

My Blog Hoppers

I’m very happy to introduce you to 3 other blog hoppers, so hop on over to their sites and see what they are up to. Each one will be telling you next week on Monday March 17th,  about their writing practise.

Doreen Pendgracs

Doreen Pendgracs,A.K>A>drew,, blog hop

Doreen Pendgracs

Doreen’s intent is to educate, entertain and inspire writers and anyone interested in creative and cultural endeavours.If you’re a chocolate lover and love to travel, you will enjoy Doreen’s chocolate travel blog at If you’re interested in her latest book, Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate, visit for updates about the book, and chocolate tours, tastings and events. In addition to non-fiction books, Doreen also writes magazine, newspaper, and online articles and blog posts about travel, lifestyle, chocolate, volunteerism, and other topics for various publications. You can read some of her published articles on the “Samples” page of her static website at

Doreen’s previous title, Before You Say Yes A Guide to the Pleasures & Pitfalls of Volunteer Boards was released by Dundurn Press in 2010 and has been renowned as the “volunteer’s bible” as it was written to serve as the ultimate guide for anyone sitting on a board of directors in the non-profit sector. In addition to books and periodical assignments, Doreen has also done writing/editing projects for various corporate clients, and conducted writing and public speaking workshops for numerous writing and community groups. As a Distinguished Toastmaster, Doreen’s speaking abilities have dazzled audiences on Celebrity Cruise Lines and in other forums.
Doreen loves making contact with readers and fellow writers and hopes you will enjoy perusing her wide variety of posts.

 Patricia Weber

Patricia Weber,A.K.Andrew,, blog hop

Patricia Weber

As Your Personal Energy Source, Patricia Weber supports and inspires introverts and baby boomers who want more energy and vitality to live life at full throttle.

She is an internationally recognized expert on radio and in print as a Business Coach for Introverts. Coachville graduate, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification and two-time award winner of Peninsula Women’s Networker of the Year (only the second member in its 30 years to receive this award twice.)

Featured in numerous publications such as Entrepreneur, Training, etc. she knows what it takes to be successful and happy being authentic to a baby boomer introvert style. She is having a blast bringing her many passions into living.

If you are fed up with the often uncomfortable extrovert rules, if you are tired of being tired, be ready to be inspired. Follow her blog at  Featured in numerous publications such as Entrepreneur, Training, etc. her current book, Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Essential Skills for Everyday Business Success. is in it’s final editing with Impackt Publishing.  If you are fed up with the often uncomfortable extrovert rules, if you are tired of being tired, be ready to be inspired. Follow her blog at

Larry Crane

Larry Crane,A.K.Andrew,,blog hop

Larry Crane

Transplanted to Maine mid-westerner Larry Crane brings an Illinois sensibility to his writing. Larry graduated from West Point, served nearly seven years in the Army as an Infantryman in Germany and Vietnam. He commuted to Wall Street for nearly 20 years. His writing includes articles for outdoor magazines, plays, short and long fiction. His most recent thriller novel, A Bridge to Treachery, and Baghdad on the Wabash and Other Plays and Stories, a collection of short plays and stories, are listed for sale on Amazon. In his spare time, Crane is president and hobbyist videographer for his local Public Access Television Station and is a volunteer at his local historical society. Larry and wife Jan live on the coast of Maine.

Larry’s Links : Twitter     Webpage       Facebook      Goodreads      Google+      YouTube Trailer 


 If you’re a writer, what is your process like? If a reader, what kinds of novels do you like?

 Come join the discussion, and please share this post on your favorite social media. 

Many Thanks!

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  1. Hi A.K., This is very cool. I so loved learning more about you and what your up to with your writing. I also am big fans of Doreen and Patricia. I need to hop over to check out Larry. I have been remiss in getting to know him better. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted..Hollys Hill Grenache: #WineMy Profile

  2. It’s always fun to see where these blog hops go. I’m like you in that I pick a place for a story before I think about characters. I’ve mainly tackled contemporary settings. Not sure if I have the historical aspect drive in my writing process, but I enjoy that writers like you do. Under the Bed is such a great title 🙂 Love seeing the familiar faces you’ve invited to participate. It’s amazing how the blogging community connects fellow writers and potential readers.
    Jeri recently posted..#Editor: Manuscript Critique SampleMy Profile

  3. Ok AK, I am hooked. I think this sounds like a very unique story and I love the idea of incorporating 2 time periods. I guess I’m different in my process in that I have a story in my mind and then I choose a location! Hahaha! I find the plotting takes more energy from my mind than a setting, which generally someplace I am familiar enough with to provide detail. But to make the setting a character (which it sounds like you have done) is genius:)
    Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) recently posted..WHERE’S THE JUSTICE… Dating and My HairMy Profile

    • Well you’ve just made my day Jacquie -thank you. I’m always fascinated how people come to the page, and thats funny we are on opposite ends. But I say whatever works. Plot definitely takes more time. I like to think of it before I go to sleep. I hope my subconscious will absorb the best way forward. Actually I keep hoping I’ll have an epiphany about it or dream my next novel while Im asleep. Still waiting on that one:-)
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..Author in Focus: How to #Write #War like Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieMy Profile

  4. A.K. Your new edition sounds interesting. I have been to Vietnam so it has peaked my interest. I think it is great that you support fellow bloggers. I am familiar with Jeri, Doreen, and Patricia. I plan to check out Larry. There is nothing like a recommendation.
    Arleen recently posted..Ways to Make Your Mornings More ProductiveMy Profile

  5. Blog hopping on a Monday morning, what could be better. Your book sounds very intriguing and I have read some of Patricia, Doreen, and of course Jeri’s blogs. Don’t know Larry – will have to check him out, too. Nice way to add some spice to a blog. Thanks!
    Laurie Hurley recently posted..How To Use Thumbtack To Get More GigsMy Profile

  6. Love the title Under the Bed:-) In a way, what’s most exciting about it is that it means different things to different people. McCartyism and Vietnam. Imagine if JFK had lived and ended the war like he intended. Would have changed the way we write today, wouldn’t it:-)
    Catarina recently posted..Do you agree with Joseph Stiglitz on market fundamentalism?My Profile

  7. Interesting Blog Hop, AK. I like your writing process. Who says that W5 has to be in any given order ? Under The Bed is very evocative. Also interesting to learn a little more about the other participants. Thank You !
    Paul Graham recently posted..A Month of Sundays at The Daily WailMy Profile

  8. I always enjoy learning about other’s process. Sometimes I find I am not completely crazy, other times I find that there are others with there own brand of crazy.

    Your book sounds interesting. I have come to enjoy learning about the different lives people led during various points in history.
    Jon Jefferson recently posted..Eager EyesMy Profile

  9. I enjoyed reading about your process. I think it is interesting that you decide on a place first and then a time. I would have thought those two things would happen together. I love the idea that your characters talk to you.

    • Thanks Beth. When I first heard an author refering to her characters talking to her , I thought – yeah,right!
      But it’s true, as things go down on the page, and especially dialogue, then the ‘natural’ response from the character comes out. Kind of spooky sometimes when you step back from the page & think -whoah,did I just write that?

  10. Your book sounds very intriguing. Many blessings on your writing!
    (I found you through a LinkedIn group) Nice to meet you 🙂

  11. A.K
    I like your style of writing. Are you a big traveller? Doesn’t writing about those countries you have not been to make you want to actually be there? I am sure your form of writing gets you out there.
    Welli recently posted..Determination doesn’t careMy Profile

  12. Thanks so much for inviting me to participate in the blog hop, A.K.! This is my 3rd blog hop & I really enjoy them because they do give you a chance to meet other and new bloggers, but as you say, to also reflect on your own writing process. Well done!
    Doreen Pendgracs recently to improve your blog writingMy Profile

  13. Did I get this: your novel has someone writing their autobiography?! How cool – a book within a book.

    I’m honored to be selected to be featured with all these other writers. Uncanny how I already knew of them and their writing!

    Thanks A.K.; you always share interesting information!
    Patricia Weber recently posted..Introverts and Intimacy: Busting the MythsMy Profile

    • Very happy you could be part of this Pat. Even when we already know the other bloggers in the hop I enjoy getting to know people a little more through their work, so I look forward to reading about your process next week. And yes , there is a book within a book. Thanks so much for the compliment about my work Pat. I so much appreciate it:-)

  14. Excellent title, especially because the context is NOT a typical horror. What a challenging period to write about. The overwhelming sense of repression that comes with McCarthyism creates an amazing backdrop for any story, but what a neat dynamic to add to a story that moves across time and personal tragedy.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted..Presenting Ideas, Avoiding The Information AvalancheMy Profile

  15. I like reading about other people’s writing processes. There are so many different ways that people to stay and ends their stories.. loving the title under the bed
    Jay recently posted..Your Man Cheated But You’re Mad At HerMy Profile

  16. Hi A.K.,

    I guess I am on your blog for the first time.

    I so loved learning about you and your writing today. I just got introduced to Doreen and Patricia through you and thank you for that. That means I need to hop over to check their websites out. Thank you for sharing this and have a great weekend!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..Holi Wishes And Life Lessons From The Festival Of ColorsMy Profile

  17. So nice to learn more about you AK! I also like the title ‘Under The Bed’. I enjoy the blogs of those you mentioned here as well.
    Cheryl recently posted..Herbal Medicine aka Self-Reliant MedicineMy Profile

  18. Great list of blog hoppers you have here. Patricia Weber’s blog and it’s nice also. Will check Larry and Doreen’s blog as well.