10 Ways to Be Creative in the Summer

Does summertime make you feel creative and want to try new things? Or do you just like to have fun in the sun? I like both, so while I’ll be posting all through the summer, I’m taking a break from blog commenting until after Labor Day. Some of you may remember this post from last […]

How Can you Convert Failure into a Learning Experience?

Converting failure into a learning experience sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  Think again. Being afraid of failure is a common human trait. For artists, the fear is usually greater as their persona is often embodied in their work for all to see. Although of course that’s not true. What we write, or […]

6 Resources for Writing Inspiration

 Waiting for Inspiration? Do you ever feel you lack inspiration? Or are you someone who starts the New Year with amazing goals and manages to keep the creative juices flowing all year round? Most of us belong to the first category. Writing, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, a poem  a blog, or even a journal entry, requires […]

7 Blogging Essentials for the Beautiful Blog Award

Yeah! I’ve  recently been awarded two blog awards! Today I’m celebrating the Beautiful Blogger Award by talking about Blogging Basics. Thanks SO much to Bridget Whelan  for nominating me. Bridget’s creative writing class (my first), was a real catalyst for my writing career. She currently teaches Creative Writing Classes in Brighton and London. A Good Confession, her first […]

7 Secrets of One Lovely Blogger

I have the wonderful Jeri Walker-Bickett to thank for  receiving the One Lovely Blogger Award. If you haven’t already checked out her blog, please do so. JeriWB:What Do I Know?. It’s a fabulous combination of all things reading and writing, from interviews , book reviews and writing tips. Some bloggers complain about these awards, but  […]

5 Reasons to Focus on the Visual Content of Pinterest

If you think those who focus on the visual content of Pinterest are only fashionistas and cuddly kitten lovers, think again. The visual media platform has become so broad in its content and appeal there is literally something for all interests. But I don’t get it… I admit I was a doubter when I was first invited […]

10 Rules for Writing: Margaret Atwood

Every author has their favorite rules or ways of writing. Our work can benefit  from learning their process. In the same way it’s accepted painters  learn from the masters , writers too can learn from other writers. ( I wrote in more detail about this in the post An Infinite Authors Resource .) The writer doesn’t  have to […]

Receiving a Versatile Blogger Award!

In the short time I’ve been blogging I’ve found other bloggers to be an extremely friendly, helpful bunch of people. Always going the extra mile to help out with problem or suggest an easier way to do things or an effective plug-in or  widget.  Sherryl Perry of http://keepupwiththeweb.com/ gave me enormous support recently when my […]