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Goodreads is a great resource. You can look up any book that’s ever been published and find out where to buy it, or put it on your virtual bookshelf to read later. It includes reviews by other Goodread members (membership is free).There is a social networking aspect to the site, which is not compulsory. But if you enjoy giving reviews and would like to see what your friends have read, then it’s there for you to use.


Buying new books is a treat, both for the reader and the writer.

The big names don’t need a mention from me, but here are some other options.

Independent bookstores: – there’s nothing like one’s local bookstore. Support them when you can.


In US:

In UK:

However, I’m a great believer in buying used books – better still join your local library.

Two online companies that are great for used books are Abe books and Alibris

These are particularly good for out of print books.

If you are in the U.K., many of the charity shops have great used book sections, and Oxfam has specific stores dedicated to books alone.


There is a huge selection at

Listen to audio books AND support your local bookstore with

But if you want some classics for free, check out


One of my favorite writers…

[English: Margaret Atwood - Munich 19.10.2009 D...

English: Margaret Atwood – Munich 19.10.2009 Deutsch: Margaret Atwood – Literaturhaus München – Lesung am 19.10.2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]

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