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Reader’s Resources:    Where to buy BOOKS! …  audio… new… used…. authors…



This is a great site for academic books that you can buy or rent. I bought one from there I’d read about in Poets & Writers and it was very inexpensive, in excellent condition and delivered quickly.

This is another site to rent college books. Definitely worth checking out if you’re taking a course. I’ve not used the site but was recommended it by one of my readers. Thanks to Ben for the heads up!


The first of many reader’s resources is where to find the books you want.
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Search and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide usingGoogle Book Search. Discover a new favorite or unearth an old classic.


Goodreads is a great resource. You can look up any book that’s ever been published and find out where to buy it, or put it on your virtual bookshelf to read later. It includes reviews by other Goodread members (membership is free).There is a social networking aspect to the site, which is not compulsory. But if you enjoy giving reviews and would like to see what your friends have read then it’s there for you to use



Buying new books is a treat, both for the reader and the writer.

The big names don’t need a mention from me, but here are some other options.

Independent bookstores: – there’s nothing like one’s local bookstore. Support them when you can.


In UK http:// local

In US:

However, I’m a great believer in buying used books – better still join your local library.

Many of the charity shops in the UK have great used book sections, and Oxfam has specific stores dedicated to books alone.

Look for a store near you or buy from them online.

Two other online companies that are great for used books are Abe books and Alibris

These are particularly good for out of print books.


There is a huge selection at

But if you want some for free check out


other than amazon etc




I could list endless authors I love or have been influenced by, but here I’ve limited it to links for writers that I either know personally. They are listed alphabetically by last name.

Susie Bright


Susie Bright was an activist long before she became one of the first writers refered to as a sex-positive feminist. From her days as “Susie Sexpert” at ‘On Our Backs’ – the first women’s sex magazine(“entertainment for the adventurous lesbian”) , being the first female film critic of the X-Rated Film Critics Organization, and a columnist for the San Francisco Review of Books, Susie has become the leading voice in women’s erotica. She’s written more than a dozen books including Susie Bright’s Sexual Reality: A Virtual Sex Reader  in 1992 , to the more recent Big Sex, Little Death: A Memoir (2011) . In addition she has edited a number of others including the acclaimed Herotica.

Susie has been a lecturer at UC Santa Cruz and started The Best American Erotica series in 1993, which she publishes to this day.

She was the choreographer/consultant for the Wachowski Brothers film, Bound (in which she also had a cameo appearance). Susie also appeared as herself in an episode of the HBO series Six Feet Under.

Check out for yourself her humour and indefatigable enthusiasm at her website.

I love the Rolling Stone quote at the top of her website ” Could not be accused of shutting up”. What better role model can feminists have?

Ged Duncan





Ged Duncan is a UK writer and publisher based in Dorset and Brighton.  He also writes and performs poetry and short stories. His style is eclectic, but much of his performance is irreverent satire, which is a joy to read and even more enjoyable to watch.  I love his sense of humor, which is often reflected in his work.

His home page has lots of his work posted, much of it via you tube. I’ve included a recent work here.


You can also follow Ged on Twitter @dodgybard for lots of great haiku and small stones.

Ged is also the author of a children’s book trilogy – Sydney the Smuggler

 Jess Richards

Jess Richards

Jess Richards

Jess Richards author of  Snake Ropes has been short listed for the 2012 Costa First Novel Award and is also on the long list for the Green Carnation Prize. Snake Ropes takes place on an island that is “just off the edge of the map”. The people who live on the island trade with the Tall Men who come from the mainland in their boats and exchange supplies. After such a visit, Mary’s young brother goes missing and she needs  to find him. The fact that it ostensibly starts as a relatively “simple tale of simple folk”, and  then turns out to be anything but, makes the reveal of its brutal events have a particularly strong impact.

It’s an exceptional novel, both in its stylistic uniqueness, but also in managing to successfully combine narrative and myth – real or imagined – while at the same time dealing with intense issues. I was impressed how the author managed to subtly, but consistently, maintain the tension throughout. It intensifies in the second half  of the novel which also gives the reader  lots of fantastic plot twists towards the end. Truly a stunning debut novel. Her second novel Cooking with Bones came out on April 25th 2014.

Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith is an award-winning poet and fiction writer; she had also written radio drama. Her first poetry collection, The New Bride was short-listed for the Forward Prize for Best Collection 2001

Her first full collection, The Butcher’s Hands was short-listed for the Aldeburgh/Jerwood Prize and was a PBS recommendation. It earned her a place in 2004, as one of Mslexia’s  ‘Top 10 UK Women Poets. Her third book, Lip was short-listed for the Forward Prize in 2008.

She is currently working on her next collection, Otherwhere, with financial support from the Arts Council.

Catherine has also recently published her first collection of stories, The Biting Point.

Her performances in Brighton and Lewes are exceptional, in both their content and her delivery. She is currently involved in performing a Love Literature Production of an adaptation of her short stories in association with Lewes Live Literature.

Catherine is also a creative writing tutor at the University of Sussex, the Arvon Foundation as well as the Poetry School in London and Brighton.

As to her teaching, I love her positivity, which she mixes with a critical eye, and an appropriate dash of sarcasm thrown to keep the subject interesting. If you have a chance sign up for one of her classes today.

Bridget Whelan,A.K.Andrew.Bridget whelan.Creative writing

I highly recommend following Bridget’s blog site, not only because of it’s insights into writing, (and life in general), but it’s also a goldmine of information. Bridget is fantastic at keeping everyone informed about all things writing, especially upcoming reputable competitions.

Her first novel is ‘A Good Confession’. I found this a real page-turner, despite the fact I’m generally not a big reader of romantic fiction. A Good Confession is also available in audio. Look for her second novel, which should be published later this year.

Bridget also teaches creative writing at Goldsmith’s College in London as well as a variety of locations in Brighton. She manages to embrace a wide range of talent in her classes with her easy-going, charismatic style. I would not have moved forward with my writing without Bridget’s early support and encouragement.

Other Authors Sites Worth Watching

Jeanette Winterson (b. 1959), British writer

Jeanette Winterson (b. 1959), British writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Jeanette Winterson’s  site is well worth following. Has a wealth of articles from writing to politics to arts in general.




English: Margaret Atwood - Munich 19.10.2009 D...

English: Margaret Atwood – Munich 19.10.2009 Deutsch: Margaret Atwood – Literaturhaus München – Lesung am 19.10.2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







One of my favorite writers so I had to include her website.



Joanne Harris at Humber Mouth 2007

Joanne Harris at Humber Mouth 2007 (Photo credit: Maggie Hannan)

Joanne has  some great insights  on her site – particularly good for writers. Also lots of fun tweets on her twitter feed.






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