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#Muse Media is a series of short posts, looking for our muse by mixing prose with other media.  If this was in the form of a Haiku with an image, it might be called a Haiga. For the moment  let’s enjoy the prose of some wonderful authors.


The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time (Photo credit: ToniVC)

“Time is the water in which we live, and we breath it like fish”

                                                                   Louise Erdrich  from “Four  Souls




Karen Louise Erdrich, known as Louise Erdrich, (Little Falls, Minnesota June 7, 1954) is an American author of novels, poetry, and children’s books featuring Native American heritage.

Erdrich is widely acclaimed as one of the most significant writers of the second wave of what critic Kenneth Lincoln has called the Native American Renaissance. In April 2009, her novel The Plague of Doves was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. In November 2012, she received the National Book Award for Fiction for her novel The Round House


The quote exemplifies the incredibly rich prose of Louise Erdrich. I have to wonder whether she labors for hours to come up with such a phrase, or if her muse guides her into a flow of  beautiful language. This quote is what prompted me to start this series.

Despite it’s quantifiable nature, the notion of time often feels very subjective.

In what ways are you effected by time in your life?


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  1. That is really lovely my friend. I needed that today. This and you have inspired me to keep pushing on. 🙂

  2. I am also a fan of great quotes. I must remember this one as well. Thanks

  3. Never thought of time like the water we live in but it’s a beautiful way of describing it.

    If we are the fishes, maybe we get most fullfillment if we just go with the flow wherever the water takes us?..
    Catarina recently posted..Has James Bond become too commercial?My Profile

  4. That is a great quote. Sadly, I rarely write down the good ones when I come across them. The tend to just float around in my head until I find a place to use them. Of course by then I can no longer remember where they came from.
    Jon Jefferson recently posted..Questions of Note: Lew BrysonMy Profile

    • I know what you mean Jon. Although you can find such things on line by the yard, I was given a lovely book of quotes about a year ago & I find it very relaxing to just read through. This particular one I came across in the book I was reading and it jumped of the page and prompted me into action. Don’t ask me to repeat any quotes I’ve read though!
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..MuseMedia: Time and Louise ErdrichMy Profile

  5. Your water quote brings my favorite water-related quote to mind. It’s from the final lines of Norman MacLean’s A River Runs Through It: “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood, and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters.”
    Jeri recently posted..Author Interview: Anne AllenMy Profile

    • That is really amazing. Makes me want to read the book. How interesting that both authors combine water and time in quite an unusual way – far beyond just ‘the rivers of time’ type of thing. Thanks so much for sending me that one Jeri.

  6. Your use of the line of time is very unique. It connects with me in that the water in which we live can be tumultuous or it can be peaceful and no matter what, time goes on in a linear fashion…it is always stable. Thanks!
    Martin Casper recently posted..What Empowering Health Path are You Willing to Take to Improve Your Life??My Profile

    • I really like how you have used the quote to launch your own – it’s so true that it can be tumultuous, stable and all the variations in between. I live by the sea and like to look at it in terms of a reflection of the seasons (time), and sometimes it can reflect how I’m feeling myself. Food for thought. Thanks for your comment . Very interesting. Good to see you here.

  7. It is a beautiful quote, but while fish may understand the value of water, I sometimes wonder whether we realise the value of time. True, we rush against the clock, but this is living on auto-pilot mode, without valuing each and every minute of life.
    Lubna recently posted..Pompomberry HouseMy Profile

    • Thanks for your insightful comment Lubna. I agree that many of us race against the clock without taking time to smell the roses as it were. Other than the basics of living – food, shelter etc,it’s one of the greatest day to day challenges in our society in terms of quality of life. Both in terms of valuing time and living in the present.

  8. What a great quote! 🙂 Sorry it took me so long to get here.
    Geek Girl recently posted..Cooking Measurement Apps – Just In TimeMy Profile

  9. Very lovely quote. This one got me thinking about my own relationship with time and water (from the fish reference.) Sometimes I feel as if I have all the time in the world and other days, not so. But amazingly most meditation can usually wash away almost anything challenging me and put me back at peace.

    I love how you and Geek Girl are providing quotes that mean something to you. Thanks!
    Patricia Weber recently posted..How government resources assist women owned small businessesMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Patricia – I think your analogy with meditation washing away the stresses of the day is perfect. It really can do that, and yet, so often I don’t always make it a daily practice. When I do I always feel both calmer, and also wonder why I don’t take the time more regularly than I do. I guess good habits are the opposite of bad habits terms of being easy to break. Thank you for the reminder.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..MuseMedia: Time and Louise ErdrichMy Profile

  10. I love that quote!

    I always feel best when I am near water. Which is why I moved close to Lake Winnipeg 5 years ago. If I couldn’t live by the sea … it was the next best thing.

    My relationship with time is a never-ending struggle. I absolutely never seem to have enough of it. But I’m learning how to live in the now and not worry about things (such as writing my book.) If it takes longer than hoped or planned … so be it.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently to make you a better bloggerMy Profile

    • Thank you Doreen. I feel the same way about water – I’m living by the sea at the moment, but don’t ant to ever be to far from a large expanse of water.
      As for time, I find living in the now so much easier than I used to, though I agree there is never enough time – everyone’s reasons for that are different. But struggling with it takes so much energy and depletes what little time there is. Always good to see you here. 🙂
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..MuseMedia: Time and Louise ErdrichMy Profile