#Muse Media: Change and #Junot Diaz

 Muse Media

#Muse Media is a series of  simple posts, looking for our muse by mixing prose with other media.  If this was in the form of a Haiku with an image, it might be called a Haiga. For the moment  let’s enjoy the prose of some wonderful authors.


Change (Photo credit: Rickydavid)



“She would be a new person, she vowed. They said no matter how far a mule travels it can never come back a horse, but she would show them all.” 
Junot DíazThe Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao


I love this gutsy quote. The “in your face ” style epitomizes Diaz work.

Change is often hard. How is the woman in the quote going to succeed? 

In what ways do you manage change?



Junot Díaz (born December 31, 1968) is a Dominican-American writer, creative writing professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and fiction editor at Boston Review. Central to Díaz’s work is the immigrant experience. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, in 2008. He is a 2012 MacArthur Fellow.

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  1. This is an interesting one in combination. It makes you ponder the possibilities. I wonder what I would do to make a strong or drastic change in my life. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted..7th Day From My Kitchen – Easy Marinaded Garlic Olives: RecipeMy Profile

  2. It’s interesting that this should post today. I say do it in spite of what other people say.
    Geek Girl recently posted..Motivational Monday – 12/10My Profile

  3. Change is extremely hard but many times necessary. At the same time one must realize their limitations and understand what type of change they are able to make in life. Forethought must come first.
    Edward Reid recently posted..UK versus US: You Decide!My Profile

  4. What I see in this quote is steely determination…It is the will to move on despite all odds, to change to be a better person, to not give up the current goal (rather than a complete transformation – such as taking up a new career)
    Lubna recently posted..A Sealed FateMy Profile

  5. A.K., since we both wrote about change this week I can’t help saying she should do a “Mitt Romney”. Julius Caesar did numerous times two thousand years ago. If Ceasar and Mitt Romney can so can she:-)
    Catarina recently posted..Did you know Mitt Romney is bouncing back?My Profile

    • I know I couldn’t believe it when I saw your post this morning! Great minds and all that. I don’t think I had Mitt Romney in mind when I wrote this post, but hey, get your inspiration where you can – even if it’s from a Roman who’s been dead for 2000 years! Thanks Catarina.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..MuseMedium: Change and Junot DiazMy Profile

  6. Those who say it can’t be done need to get out of the way of those who are doing it. People will give you long lists of why it can’t be done. More often than not those lists are nothing but their excuses for not stepping out of their comfort zone.
    Jon Jefferson recently posted..Questions of Note: Blake WilliamsMy Profile

    • Now that’s some tough love there Jon! but in a way you’re right. Stepping out one’s comfort zone is- well never comfortable, but if you want to learn and grow, you have to go there sometimes. I’m trying to adopt a ‘change is good ‘ philosophy these days, but as Edward says, forethought is pretty important too. Thank v. much for your comment.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..MuseMedium: Change and Junot DiazMy Profile

  7. This is a great quote. About seven years ago I did something that seemed nigh on impossible, to me, and I’ve been testing the boundaries of my perceived limitations ever since.
    Brian D. Meeks (@ExtremelyAvg) recently posted..Touched: Ch 8My Profile

  8. Nice to read…. Love the quote.

  9. I love the blues and oranges in the photo. Great textures, too.

    I noticed the age of the creative writing prof – yikes, younger than me. Years ago when my friends went to MIT (I used to work there) they had a great English teacher – MIT is good at attracting creative people.
    Leora recently posted..Verbena and CardinalsMy Profile

    • See, you can tell you’re an artist too! I really liked the textures as well.
      As to MIT, I was slightly surprised he was already a professor there, but then DIaz career seems to have sped along at a fair clip of the past few years. it does have a great reputation. Good for you working there. Must have been really interesting.Thanks so much for the comment Leora.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..MuseMedium: Change and Junot DiazMy Profile

  10. I also find change in others to be quite atractive in a positive and inspiring way.
    Patrick Huff recently posted..Nucleated Beer Glasses = Fancy But UsefulMy Profile

  11. Sometime change is thrust upon us, like when a long time spouse asks for a divorce! I find if you adapt as quickly as possible to the change you can not only get through it, but come through it as a stronger person!

  12. I manage change in very inefficient ways, but thankfully my stubborn ways seem to see me through!
    Jeri recently posted..Book Review: Born to Run by Christopher McdougallMy Profile

  13. Noel O'Reilly says

    Great idea to combine words and images and I really liked the Diaz micro story. Reminded me of this Argentinian writer I found out about this year and really like – Anna Maria Shua.

  14. Managing change — that’s top of mind for me as I wrote a post for a client that was published today about how to manage change! People don’t like change – the status quo is easier. When I think about my own life, seminal moments occurred when there were major changes in my life and, with one exception, they all turned out for the the better.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted..Is Your Website Losing Visitors and Lowering Your Website Ranking?My Profile

  15. Great quote. I was talking to someone the day day about how we change as we get older and see life differently, it’s so important to be open minded to change, so many people are so afraid of life’s curve’s that life becomes almost stagnant. I hope I’m never to afraid to grasp change by it’s horns 😉

    • I couldn’t agree more, although of course the longer we are on one particular path the harder it is to change it. But I’ve made lots of changes in my life, so like you I intend to refuse to be afraid of change and not let life become stagnant.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..MuseMedium: Change and Junot DiazMy Profile