7 Secrets of One Lovely Blogger

I have the wonderful Jeri Walker-Bickett to thank for  receiving the One Lovely Blogger Award. If you haven’t already checked out her blog, please do so. JeriWB:What Do I Know?. It’s a fabulous combination of all things reading and writing, from interviews , book reviews and writing tips.

Some bloggers complain about these awards, but  I enjoy them –  it’s a way for people to share a little about themselves and as a blog reader I like to know who I’m reading.

So here are the rules:

1.Thank the person who gave you the honor – Mille Grazie Jeri!!

2. Add the Lovely Blogger Award image to the post – Voila!

One Lovely Blogger Award


3. Share seven things about yourself – OK I’ve called them secrets…

4. Pass the award onto seven nominees.

5. Include this set of rules.

6. Inform your nominees maybe by posting a comment on their blogs.

So here we go:-

7  Secrets of One Lovely Blogger

#1. I don’t write Every Day

This is a real confession, though it’s a habit I am trying to change. Writing even a few words is better than doing nothing at all. Particularly when I’m working on a novel, I find if I do as little as editing one line, then it keeps me in touch with the project, the characters and the plot.

#2. Age doesn’t bring Wisdom.

I’m turning 60 this year!!! How did that happen? In my mind I’m 28. Then I look in the mirror. So wisdom? No. If you’re lucky, age brings a lovely set of mistakes to learn from – that is if you’ve not become too stubborn or think you have nothing left to learn. Age also brings wrinkles and aches and pains, but usually means you don’t draw the attention of unwelcome single men when you’re traveling. When I was in my 20’s,  I was hitchhiking in France with a girlfriend. On our way out of a small town, the car that picked us up had fake fur on the dashboard – our first clue that we shouldn’t have taken the ride. A few miles  later, the driver started groping us both while he was driving! Then he pulled over in the middle of nowhere  and stopped the car. I immediately snatched the keys out of the ignition, which I’d seen someone do in a film. We’d stupidly put our back-packs in the trunk, but he was so floored by my action, he opened the trunk so we could grab our stuff, then after much cursing and gesticulating, he drove off. Phew. All very scary at the time, but I laugh about it now.

#3. Shakespeare Eludes Me

If I’m honest Shakespeare still eludes me. As a writer, how embarrassing is that? I studied him in school of course, and saw several of his plays, but none of it grabbed me. Perhaps if I did a course now, I would appreciate his work more. That said, when I saw a modern interpretation of Macbeth a couple of years ago I really enjoyed it.

English: banner Shakespeare

English: banner Shakespeare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#4. I’m a Boxer

Or you could say I’m a bag lady. I love to put things in boxes, bags, tins… I’ve been told it’s my desire to organize or compartmentalize, but I think it’s just a fetish.

#5.  Tap dancer Extraordinaire

Annex - Rogers, Ginger (Shall We Dance)_01

Annex – Rogers, Ginger (Shall We Dance)_01 (Photo credit: danceonair1986)

In my mid twenties I was in the Hackney Hot Taps, a tap troupe taught by the lovely Trudy Howson, who I had the pleasure of running into recently after 30+ years! We wore either dresses from the 40’s – you could still buy them from Charity shops then – or top hats and tails. I usually preferred the latter. I absolutely loved the whole thing. So much fun to dance with a group of people, learn the choreography etc. And performing really was a great buzz. If it wasn’t for my auto-immune condition which affects my joints, I would tap now. My sister joined a class recently and she’s 67!

#6. Pilates Rules

I started a pilates class last year and I’m totally hooked. It’s very much a beginner class, for people with back problems. But it’s so relaxing and has improved my flexibility no end. Of course like all exercise, it’s use it or lose it. But at least it’s something I can easily do at home.

#7. Be Who You Are

I only have one breast, so watch out Boudica – you’re not the only Amazon. I had a mastectomy in 2005, but I was SO lucky – no spread, no chemo or radiotherapy. And I’m still cancer free. I used to hate wearing tight clothes as I looked so lopsided, but now it doesn’t bother me. Be who you are, even if it isn’t always easy.

A.K.Andrew in Lucca, Italy

A.K.Andrew in Lucca, Italy

Now it’s my turn for nominations, and I’ve spread the love by nominating those who I haven’t done before for an award. Hop on over to check out these great sites and congratulate the new nominees.

Khara House  Poet and creative writer

Adele Symonds  Book Reviews and more.

Phyllis Zimbler  Author of CIA Fall Guy: A Spy Thriller  amongst others.

Krystyna Lagowski Great blog for all you car lovers.

Larry Crane  Author of A Bridge to Treachery. Blogs about writing, pop culture, military service, and life in Maine.

Jennie Orbell. Author of Starfish and other contemporary fiction.

Amy Riley Brighton Writer


Come join the discussion. Please leave your comments or share on your favorite social media.

Many Thanks!


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  1. Woo! Hoo! Congrats to you. I loved your write up. I am a boxer fetish or not, I perfer to be organized too… LOL. The last part is so right on. You are a surviver and deserve to be yourself, after all we are all imperfect human beings, and that is what makes us beautiful. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted..Makulu Iswithi Pinotage: WineMy Profile

  2. Aw, I loved all of these. It is nice getting to know other blogggers. I have to confess #1 too. Need to work on it. Loved #2…and you look beautiful and alive at 60. I gasped at #3 because I love Shakespeare. We even named our puppy, Shakespeare. LOL! #7 is very wise words to share. Congratulations on being cancer free. 🙂
    Denise Baer recently posted..Fallen StarMy Profile

    • Thanks Denise. I guess I shocked you with #3 – I did say they were secrets:-). Writing everyday is something a lot of writers struggle with. We do what we can. Thanks so much for your kind words re: being cancer free. I certainly appreciate them.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  3. Another thing we have in common… I too am a breast cancer survivor! I also like putting things in boxes, containers, whatever… LOL
    Geek Girl recently posted..Motivational Monday: 3/4My Profile

  4. Congrats on the award!That is a crazy story about France! It’s funny- the things we do when we are younger. Sometimes I cringe at things I did in my teens and 20’s and wonder what crazy things my daughter will do! Hitchhiking through France must have been amazing though!
    Karen recently posted..St. Patrick’s Day PartyMy Profile

  5. Writing everyday is only a recent (relatively speaking) occurance for me. It has come only within the past year that I have spent focused time actually putting my thoughts down. Even for the bigger stories I work on I write them slowly but I see it as a marathon instead of a sprint. As long as I am working a little everyday I will finish.

    Cancer is never a good scene. We lost one of my wife’s aunts to breast cancer a few years ago. Keep up the good fight. It isn’t worth your time to let the cancer beat you (you only lose if you let it keep you from living your life on your terms).
    Jon Jefferson recently posted..Working outside the boxMy Profile

  6. It’s always fun to see how these rewards turn out once they are passed on 😉 Shakespeare didn’t do much for me until I had to teach Hamlet to a bunch of high school seniors. Now I attend plays all the time, and have so many creative lesson plans related to teaching the Bard. My ninth grade English teacher really killed any interest for me, but luckily I revived my interest on my own. I also love pilates, but have not been doing the 20 minute video for nearly a year. Doing them made my muscles much longer, leaner, and stronger, which in turn, made me feel better in so many other ways. Thanks for sharing!
    Jeri recently posted..Book Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth SteinMy Profile

    • Yes, I think I do need to work up the interest in Shakespeare myself. I do feel I am probably missing out. I felt the same about opera at one point, but then started to love it.
      Pilates is a great discovery for me, as there aren’t too many physical pursuits I can manage. As you say it really does make a difference and have a knock on effect. Thanks Jeri.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  7. Hi A.K.: I loved learning more about you, tap dancing and all! Happy to hear you are cancer free and still feeling frisky at the age of 60. I’m not too far behind you. And I’m definitely with you on Shakespeare. He doesn’t do a thing for me either. Rock on, and hope to see you later this year in CA.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..take heed and listen to the signsMy Profile

  8. Congratulations on your award, A. K. My comments on your secrets. I love Pilates, too. It feels so wonderful, even when I’m sweating away. Unfortunately I’ve had perpetual tendenitis in both arms, and have had to stop for awhile. I am thinking of going to some private sessions to see if I can find ways to do Pilates without having to put my full weight on my wrists. I know several ways, but feel I don’t get the benefit I’m looking for. As for Shakespeare, his works bear a lot of explanation before they make much sense! I congratulate you on your courage in facing such a devastating disease as breast cancer. I have several friends who have gone through similar struggles, and have seen how courageous they have had to be.

    Enjoy your blog! Best wishes,

    • Thanks Kathleen. Yes I also struggle with the wrist problem in plates. I roll up my my mat and put the head pillows on top of that to raise up my hands so that the fingers can lean forwards. It takes some of the pressure off the wrists, but it’s still tough going. As for Shakespeare, it’s something I may spend time with in the future, to get a better understanding as you suggest. Thank you also for your positivity re: breast cancer. Good to see you here:-)
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  9. Congratulations on your award! I also enjoy pilates and containers in my daily life, nothing is more satisfying than feeling healthy and organized! And for fact 7 I couldn’t agree more, you are who you are and nothing will change that! Embrace everything because it adds to your character as a person 🙂
    Morgan Decker recently posted..What is Intuitive Eating?My Profile

  10. I think “be who you are” is a great way to end this post because it really reflects and summarizes what is written above. When people ask me questions like, “name five words to describe yourself” or “what are your five best qualities” or anything to do with myself, I never know what to say. If somebody asked me to list seven secrets I wouldn’t have a clue where to start beside to say I am obsessed with cats, but who isn’t. The seven statements you made were original and intriguing. They revealed a lot about you as a character and I loved how you admitted Shakespeare eludes you. I am with you on that.
    Mary Slagel recently posted..Should You Use Student Loans?My Profile

    • Thank you so much Mary -I’m very flattered:-) I have to say, I sometimes freeze when posed with these questions and it’s only through looking at other people’s blogs that I’ve been inspire to dig a bit deeper than I might. I don’t think we always realize how much of a ‘story’ we each have in ourselves.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  11. I’m so glad that in your mind you are 28! I turned 50 and would like to ignore it.

    You look great in your Italy photo.

    Your story that happened in your 20’s sounds pretty scary. I would shaking. You tell it like it happened to someone else.
    Leora recently posted..What Artists and Writers Share in CommonMy Profile

    • It’s funny how turning these decades have an impact. I have felt for some time I wanted to ignore the 60 thing (as I did at 50) , in fact it’s only in the past few weeks that I’ve accepted that I’m going into my ‘third age’. Life moves on and there’s no point battling it. Easy to say intellectually, hard to take on board emotionally. As to the event in my 20’s , I was terrified at the time, and the trip got worse before it got better. But that will have to wait for another post. Thanks Leora.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  12. A.K. — Congratulations on your award. I loved your post and learning more about you. You’re quite the story teller. Turning 60 — you’re just still a kid. 60 is in my rear view window and I still feel like 28. It’s all in the attitude, my dear.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted..Google Ready to Pounce on Poorly Written Guest Posts and Here’s WhyMy Profile

    • Oh Jeanette, thank you so much ! That’s good to hear. It’s funny how when it does become in one’s rear view window, how silly it appeared to be concerned about it at the time. I hope I can keep my attitude as positive as yours:-)
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  13. I love your style and flare! You are spot on when you advise “Be Who You Are!!” Your article is a shining example of that.
    Laura Sherman recently posted..How To Write A Nonfiction BookMy Profile

  14. Agree with you completely about Shakespeare. Have watched many of his plays, in particular loved the ones set up at the National Theatre in London. Also read some of his plays. But it’s not my cup of tea either.

    Besides there are mistakes in some plays which has given mankind an erroneous picture of history. Caesar didn’t say “Even you Brutus” but “Even you my child”.
    Catarina recently posted..External directors boost startupsMy Profile

  15. Complain about awards? Very curious.

    But congratulations to YOU AK.

    Are you Italian? I noticed the pic of you in Lucca and your Mille Grazie.
    Patricia Weber recently posted..To work from home, to not work from home, that is the question.My Profile

    • Thanks for the congrats Pat. I did read a whole blog about someone complaining about these blogging awards because they had a pay-it–forward quality,everyone eventually gets them,they’re a lot of work kind of thing. But as I said, I enjoy getting to know people & it always lifts my spirits when I win one.
      Italian – no. I just love Italy.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  16. I giggled, I recalled some of my own misadventures and generally just enjoyed your post. Thank you! I like the idea of giving the award to friends, not just fellow bloggers.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted..Does Working From Home or the Office Really Matter?My Profile

  17. That was one of the most interesting award answer posts I have read. You are one amazing lady. Living with auto immune, beating cancer etc.
    Interestingly, I had a similar experience overseas when I was 18. A dumb decision, but the art of surprise luckily worked for me too.
    Congratulations on the award – you are a lovely blogger 🙂
    Becc recently posted..Celebrate Good Times, Come On!My Profile

  18. Woo-hoo! Thank you so much Becc – that’s really made my morning:-) I think any women traveling in their twenties will have some tales to tell. I was always in awe of the very few women who travelled on their own. Going across Europe, North Africa and Asia on your own, sleeping rough or in v. cheap hotels is more gutsy than me that’ s for sure.

  19. Scary story about you and your friend! That was a close call! Good thing you had the intuition and quick-thinking to grab the keys or else who knows what could have happened. Love reading “secrets” shared in these surveys.
    Kelly Wade recently posted..Why You Should Consider Unplugging from Technology for a DayMy Profile

  20. Now, I know a bit more about you. Tap dancing? Nice to know you did that.

  21. Thanks Bindu!
    A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  22. HA, the French story cracked me up! That’s scary, but sooooo hilarious at the same time. What a great, upbeat post. It made my Sunday. : )
    Jody Kristina recently posted..Let the wedding plans begin…My Profile

  23. WooHoo!! What a beautiful post and thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself with us. I love to dance and someday I hope to learn to tap. It seems like so much fun. And YES!!! Be yourself, hold your head high and be proud of who you are!! I so love to hear you proclaim that, and live your life that way. As the mother of 3 daughters that is the one thing I want them to learn deep into their core: Be yourself. Celebrate the beautiful individual that God created you to be and let everyone around you feel the confidence and joy with which you live.
    Valerie Remy-Milora recently posted..Life On PurposeMy Profile

  24. Elizabeth Scott says:

    A.K. I am new to writing on LinkedIn but I wanted to write and tell you what a beautiful post you wrote. The secrets you share were very inspirational.

  25. Congratulations! Loved your 7 secrets. If you want to learn to enjoy Shakespeare, find an elementary school that is putting it on. That’s how I discovered it could be fun. Both my sons’ classes put it on in fifth grade. The kids were having so much fun, I forgot about the archaic language. Shortly after, Fonzi did an introduction to Shakespeare for kids that locked it in.

  26. Thank you so very much for the nomination! I love your statement about not writing every day and how you stay connected to projects. I often find that if I’m working on a project and I have to “step away from it” (to take care of other obligations or simply take a break), I’ll get into the habit of leaving the page but taking my characters with me … imagining how they’d respond to certain situations I’m in, or even acting as I imagine they would! How lovely to be a writer, eh? 🙂
    Khara House recently posted..confundus!: how ya lit takes overMy Profile

  27. You’re welcome Khara. It is definitely fun to be a writer. That’s a fantastic idea of exploring how your characters would respond to situations you are in. Like a distant cousin of method acting. Thanks for stopping by:-)
    A.K.Andrew recently posted..7 Secrets of One Lovely BloggerMy Profile

  28. Ciao AK! I’m still (more or less) young and I’v already a lovely set of mistakes to learn from… So will this mean I’ll be very wise?
    I’m happy that you won your battle with cancer, wish you all the best for the future!
    It’s a pleasure to follow you, you’re brilliant and nice 😉