How Can You Better Manage Change?

As Fall is finally upon us, I’ve been thinking recently about the change in seasons. When I lived in England, although I loved the Fall colors, I was always filled with dread at the thought of winter – bitterly cold days, getting dark at 4 pm and some days when it was so dull you […]

#Muse Media: Change and #Junot Diaz

 Muse Media #Muse Media is a series of  simple posts, looking for our muse by mixing prose with other media.  If this was in the form of a Haiku with an image, it might be called a Haiga. For the moment  let’s enjoy the prose of some wonderful authors. * * “She would be a new person, she vowed. […]

Changing #Procrastination Creatively

Procrastination is the master of endless lists, even for things we supposedly want to do – I don’t have time, my artwork sucks, not enough room, too busy to focus, too tired, too________. You name it. They’re all valid reasons. Work, children, ill-health and a myriad of other things stop us from doing what we […]