How to Express the Golden Gate Homesick Blues

We’re coming to the end of National Poetry Month and I want to share a poem I wrote a few years ago in a poetry workshop. I was living in England at the time, feeling very homesick for San Francisco, as well as nostalgic for a time when I was more mobile than I am now.

So this was the result – the first poem I’d written since I was a child, in fact. For this collection of emotions, I found the process of writing a poem very cathartic.The location is the waterfront near to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point. For those of you who remember the scene in Vertigo where Kim Novak falls in the water – that’s where I’m talking about!

A.K. Andrew,,a writers notebook ,Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point

Under the Golden Gate by A.K. Andrew

Fort Point

Ghosts of blue-bellies dash between chill, meagre quarters
Running up concrete steps
Running up the flag of
the Red Brick Fort
Alone facing the Pacific Ocean
Now nestled beneath rumbling red girders of the Bridge.
An Alliance of Gateway and Protector of
The City
Our City.

White foamy tentacles crash, split
Rusting chain links,
Goliath chain
Serving only to taunt, not protect
A leap to the rocks or giant watery mouth inviting in
it’s enormity, its moving depth beckoning.

Agonizing beauty surround once more
Pacific blasts tearing at hair and heart
A white rogue wave rises up
hitting crumbling brick, splashing me
Laughing still
we cycle home on the bays blue edge
warmed by love, vigour,

A.K. Andrew, Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge,,a writers notebook

A.K. Andrew at Fort Point

Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge,A.K Andrew, , a writers notebook

Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge by A.K Andrew

How do you feel about happy memories? Does it make you sad to think of them and wish that things were still the same, or do you feel fortunate to have had the good times to look back on? Perhaps you don’t like to dwell on the past at all, but prefer to look forward rather than back.

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