How to Avoid 7 Deadly Sins of Short #Story #Writing

This post is a reblog from a Bridget Whelan Post. Click here for the original post This post grew out of an article I originally wrote for the Hysterectomy Association when I was writer in residence of their annual writing comeptition earlier this year. I recently came across the WikiHow entry on how to write a short […]

Go Tell It On The Mountain – from 101BOOKS.NET

 Robert Bruce whose site 101BOOKS.NET, is consistently voted the Best Book Blog. It is definitely my favorite book blog. He has kindly allowed me to reblog one of his posts about Go Tell It on The Mountain, but be sure to check out more of his work at Robert is reading 100 of Time Magazine‘s greatest English-speaking novels […]

3 Simple #Writing Tools for #Editing

Editing is the basis of all writing, because… yes you guessed it – All Writing is Rewriting So anything to make the editing process a little smoother right? Here are 3 of my favorite sweet and simple writing tools, which I use all the time. I hope you enjoy them. A: Grammarly Grammarly, as the name […]

6 Resources for Writing Inspiration

 Waiting for Inspiration? Do you ever feel you lack inspiration? Or are you someone who starts the New Year with amazing goals and manages to keep the creative juices flowing all year round? Most of us belong to the first category. Writing, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, a poem  a blog, or even a journal entry, requires […]

Is the Beginning of a Novel more important than the Ending?

The beginning of a novel is crucial. Without  a good beginning, you won’t have a reader. But if the ending is unsatisfactory, it’s unlikely your reader will recommend your novel or read any more of your work. So which is more important? What links the two is the beginning and end of a circle. Yes – […]

Does Every Picture Tell a Story?

Pictures are a very emotive media, in whatever form, and everyone responds to them differently. Children love story books with pictures. It’s often our first way of learning, but do pictures always tell a story? Look at this photograph for example. What does it suggest to you? What emotions does it evoke? Who sprayed the graffiti? […]

#Authors – An Infinite Writer’s Resource

Writers are always looking for resources, whether it’s for technique, style, how to get published, or ideas for a story. The single best resource is using other authors as a reference for better ways of working. During my Creative Writing Certificate course at Sussex University, we spent one semester on  ‘Special Author’.  We each chose […]