The Cantoni Sisters

Readers: Please note this novel does not yet have representation, so consider it a Work in Progress.

The Cantoni Sisters

An upmarket novel set in 1940s Northern Italy


A.K. Andrew

 Tuscan Hill-town, A.K.Andrew,, Radio Echo
The Cantoni Sisters is a compelling portrait of wartime Italy. Betrayal, loss and the fight for survival during Nazi occupation, forces nineteen-yr-old Raffaella to risk her life for those she loves.
Music resonates through The Cantoni Sisters – from traditional Italian, to Schubert, Italian swing and Cole Porter. The novel balances individual struggle, the elusive morality of war, and the combustible mix of politics and religion. Memorable characters and a complex narrative provide an atmospheric sense of time and place. At times heartbreaking, The Cantoni Sisters leaves us with hope, as Italy moves towards a post Fascist society.
A.K. Andrew,, Radio Echo

Bologna Porticos
Photo: A.K. Andrew



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