Want to Change The Use of Space in Your Home?


How do you use your home?

Is it somewhere you dash in and out of between work, or a place you like to spend as much time as possible?  I was attracted to this film of the Eames house after watching the London Olympics opening ceremony where the house in the center of the  stadium was used for a montage of British music. It made sense, as the home is where so much happens when we’re growing up. But how we use our homes has changed in recent decades. For myself, I no longer go out to work and spend a lot of time at home. I write at home, though I also write in a notebook in odd places outside, whether catching snippets of an idea or small sections of a scene.


Live and Work

Many people now use at least part of where they live as a home office. They might even run a business from their home. For most of us that means being creative. Can you use a cupboard or an alcove for your computer? Are grown up children willing to share a painting studio when they come and visit? Rooms in houses do not need to be static. Most of us don’t have the freedom of space the Eames had, but when did you last try and think how to rearrange your living space to satisfy your current needs?

I loved the fact that the Eames used the house to work as well as live. Their passion was clearly integral in their lives. What struck me about this film is the exploration of beauty in small things – a leaf, a chair spindle, a flower –  as well as the modern design of the Eames. We see the change of the seasons, a symbol of the changes of life itself. Sometimes change can mean small touches that make all the difference.

The Eames House, built in 1949, is a landmark of mid 20th century architecture. It was designed by the husband and wife design pioneers Charles and Ray Eames.  It’s construction was part of a project launched by Arts & Architecture Magazine in response to the need for housing following WWII.

If you don’t watch the whole film, dip in and out at the amazingly beautiful images. I particularly loved the way they invite the outside nature inside with the shadows of the trees. The beautiful play of shadows is prevalent throughout the film.

How has the use in your home changed?  What “use of  space” changes would you like to make in the future?



Details of the house and it’s design:


Film by:  http://pyramidmedia.com





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  1. I work from home and have now for many years. I turned one of the ‘bedrooms’ in to my office. However, when people come to visit and stay it also then double as a bedroom. Both my office and my husbands office are on one side of the house and our personal space is on the other side of the house. It is interesting how living spaces change over the years according to how lifestyles change.
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  2. Beautiful video A.K.!

    Like Cheryl I write in my house and it works very well for me. My flat is on the top flour and my view of the sky and all the light has an inspiring affect on me. Have always tried to arrange the place I live (probably about 50-100 by now) so that it’s as convenient as possible for everything I do on a daily basis. For instance hence need space where I can do yoga.
    Catarina recently posted..Are you a global asset?My Profile

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Catarina.
      I live at ground level which is great to walk outside into a patio garden, but I’ve often thought about living up high. Light and space are so important to ones frame of mind.
      Fantastic you’ve made space for yoga – too hard to let it go if it’s hard to do. Thanks so much for your comment.
      A.K.Andrew recently posted..Do You Want to Change The Use of Space in Your Home?My Profile

  3. Susan Cooper says

    What a lovely film of that house. It so reflected it’s personality.

    I am always tinkering with my own home. It is where I work, play, entertain and relax. It is constantly evolving, especially my garden. To ask how it’s form and function has changed over the year? That is (and would) be difficult for me to answer, because it is always in a state of metamorphosis. 🙂
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  4. I didn’t take time to watch the film you posted with your post. I can however relate to your saying, many people now use part of their home as an office. I work in what would normally be a bedroom. When we do have more guests than the one guest bedroom, I bring out an aerobed – bed height – so that our guest can have their own space. That also allows me during those occasions, to shorten my work day! On another change, after tiring of my husband using our family room as an office, always bringing in his laptop in the evenings, we changed an otherwise unused den into a second office for him. Even if you don’t have the space of the Eames house, you can do some incredible things.

    Patricia Weber, LinkedIn Group, BHB
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  5. A wonderful film – I should show it to my fifteen year old, who makes films. It really “sells” the house, which is a bit too modern for me, but some of the imagery makes me like it better (like the place settings). If I knew more about music, I would comment on the music as well.
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  6. I live in a condo, where space is limited. The living room functions as family room, dining room and my craft studio. My bedroom is also a home office and idea room. The den is occasional guest room+ pantry + craft storage+junk room.
    I am always looking for space to keep things and to bring color. So, it is like a canvas, where I can add, change, and remove… It an artwork, which changes everyday.
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  7. Just like Geek Girl, I have been working from home for some time now; so my room has also become my office. But lately, I’ve been working here in our dining area. It’s been raining quite a lot here in my country, and there are days when resisting the temptation of curling up in bed and skipping out work can be really difficult.

    • Mixing uses in our homes is so often the case now, though I think it’s good to try and keep them separate if possible. Working at home really is a mixed blessing: The commute if fantastic, but if you’re not able to keep it separate then it’s always in the corner of your eye. As you say the temptation is often pretty strong to play hookie.
      Hang in there Adeline, and thanks so much for your comment. Sometimes we do just need an unscheduled day off to recharge.
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  8. To me, the living areas immediately outside the home are just as important as the house itself. So we have 3 decks: a large one off the back, where we hold social gatherings. A small one off the front entrance where we have a small bistro set and can enjoy a drink or a coffee on the deck, and another one upstairs off my loft office. I just love being able to extend the living to outdoors. Summer is far too short and we also have a small sunroom where we can enjoy meals outdoors without fighting the winged warriors. Cheers!
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  9. My goodness Doreen – what a lovely set up you have! Patio’s are wonderful in their ability to give you an indoor/ outdoor room. As you say summers are short so why not make the most of them. Always good to see you here. Thanks so much for your comment.
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