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Before I became a writer, I was a painter. I love the process of either medium, and enjoy sharing with you what I know. Creativity will open its doors to anyone, but sometimes we need a nudge to discover the best way to express ourselves.  I hope you find something useful on these pages, and if creativity grabs you along the way, let me know. Thanks for stopping by.



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Books, writers, quotes, writing practice. Looking for a post on how to write like Steinbeck, focus on a favorite author, or combine visual art and writing? You will find it here. Come join  the discussion.

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Where is your nearest indie bookstore? Looking for writing resources?  These pages are updated regularly so keep an eye out for new additions. Do you have a great link to include? Feel free to send it in.


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Work in Progress

 Under the Bed - I am currently working on the final draft of my latest novel, ‘Under the Bed‘. Writers are reluctant to divulge too much, as it’s an organic process, but it will give you an outline.

Radio Echo  – Find out more about my first novel and why it’s set in Italy. (Sorry folks  - final edit stage is currently taking a back seat to Under the Bed!)

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